Taliban allegedly executes 7-year-old boy for "spying"

There is plenty that the Taliban has already done to incur global loathing, including planting IED's in girls' schools, killing scores of Afghan civilians to gain power, and horribly misrepresenting Islam by performing atrocities in the name of Allah. So why is the political movement's reported execution of a 7-year-old boy on the premise that he was "spying for the government" newly sickening?

Because it's horrendous. As a mother, I am disgusted that grown men could ever justify this act. The fact that the Taliban are not alone in killing children to gain political power, or even in persecuting kids for supposedly committing an adult criminal actions, does nothing to stem my horror. These are kids. They cannot be tried as adults because they haven't had the benefit of growing up yet. Kids at this age don't make decisions to further political agendas. They make decisions to please the adults around them, or to stay safe from harm, or to eat.

Afghan President Hamid Karzai summed it up pretty well during a news conference today when he said, "A 7-year-old boy cannot be a spy. A 7-year-old boy cannot be anything but a 7-year-old boy, and therefore hanging or shooting to kill a 7-year-old boy ... is a crime against humanity."

During a press conference in Kabul, British Prime Minister David Cameron added, "If true, I think it says more about the Taliban than any book, than any article, than any speech could ever say."