Taxed by taxes?

Is tax day torturous or just mildly annoying? Do you color-code your receipts and e-file three weeks early? Or are you scrambling to find your W-2s before the post office closes today? See what the stars have to say about your approach to taxes.

Aries doesn't give a second thought to where they stowed their expense records. They haven't lost any time fretting over whether or not they're all set with their forms. But come the 15th, the resourceful Ram has filed everything on time.

Taurus doesn't tell anybody, but they kind of enjoy tax time. All those numbers! All those forms! It takes planning, dedication and perseverance to do the job right. Here's a bet that the way-ahead-of-the-game Bull is already receiving their refund!

Gemini is of two minds when it comes to tax time. They'd like to just have it over with, already. But they don't really feel like getting started. Which impulse will win over the Twins today?

Cancer has had one eye on their taxes all year -- and the number of a good accountant programmed on their speed dial! Any questions the shrewd Crab has about how to save money are sure to get answered quick-style.

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Generous Leo might end up giving Uncle Sam a little too much if they don't pay close attention to their tax money. The Lion seeks a little professional help -- just in case they're missing out on any loopholes.

Virgo still has every tax return they've ever filed organized with tender, loving care in the 'taxes' drawer of the file cabinet. The order-loving Virgin knows just what to do when tax time rolls around: hand over all those color-coded files!

Libra doesn't obsess about their taxes, but they won't slack off when it comes to preparing them, either. Nope, the Scales spends just the right amount of time reckoning up what they owe, then just the right amount of time reckoning up what they're owed. Now, that's balance!

Even taxes can make a Scorpio passionate. If the Scorpion feels like Uncle Sam wants too much of what they've earned all year, it can really get their ire up. But if they feel like it's a fair assessment, they'll post their check to the IRS with a smile.

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Straightforward Sagittarius stays away from anything too tricky. They file on time, but might not get the best end of the deal. The honest Archer might want to ask a less-candid sign to look over their forms before they mail them out!

Capricorn bides their time. They've considered all the angles, read all the secondary literature and consulted with their brother-in-law the tax attorney. Oh, yes, the Goat knows exactly what they're doing when they expense everything but the kitchen sink.

Aquarius thinks of all the wonderful things that tax money goes toward: schools, roads, social security. In fact, the Water Bearer is the only sign that spends hours daydreaming over their W-2 forms. These humanitarians don't mind making their contribution one bit!

Chances are, dreamy Pisces forgot it was tax time until someone called them to tell them on April 15. Paperwork isn't the Fish's strongpoint, so they spend the whole day trying to find out how to get a hold of all those pieces of paper with the numbers on them, then they file for an extension.

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