Ten Best Ten Buck Buys

What our editors would buy with ten extra bucks

Courtesy of Cole HaanCourtesy of Cole HaanCole Haan Round Laces

Brightly colored shoelaces are to oxfords as Botox is to Demi Moore. Lookin' fresh, girl. - Lindsey Gladstone, content director

Available at colehaan.com, $7.

Courtesy of SephoraCourtesy of SephoraOCC Nail Lacquer

If I could have only one bottle of nail polish, I'd pick OCC in Beta. A single-coat manicure lasts for at least six days. (Copperhead and Suspiria are nice, too.) - Jennifer Jackson, beauty editor

Available at sephora.com, $10.

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Courtesy of Pier 1 ImportsCourtesy of Pier 1 ImportsChalk Note Wine Glasses

Nifty chalkboard tumblers make me feel grown-up (no more Solo Cups), look charming, and are less likely to break than glasses with stems. Also you never lose track of your red. - Jillian King, production coordinator

Available at pier1.com, $2.50 each

Courtesy of MoleskineCourtesy of MoleskineMoleskine Pocket Notebook

Here's the perfect vessel for collecting the passing thoughts that will one day compose my great American novel. - Lauren Lumsden, senior video editor

Available at moleskineus.com, $9

Hip Getaways That Make You Feel Like a Kid

Courtesy of Levain BakeryCourtesy of Levain BakeryLevain Bakery Cookies

Everyone knows a chocolate chip walnut cookie must be washed down with its dark chocolate chip counterpart. - DeAnna Janes, copy editor

Available at levainbakery.com, $7 per cookie ($27 for four).

Courtesy of Ban.doCourtesy of Ban.doBan.do Bobby Pins

Stuffed in a topknot, securing the half-up/half-down style, or just stuck on the side a la Margot Tenenbaum, these pins are the LBD of hair accessories and the ideal way to wear 1920s waves. - Andrea Kasprzak, San Francisco editor

Available at shopbando.com, $10

How to Prepare for Swimsuit Season

Courtesy of Kim SchifinoCourtesy of Kim SchifinoLightning CD

Yes, the CD is on its way out. But guess who's gonna crowd surf her way to the stage and get Matt and Kim to sign her copy of Lightning at Firefly Fest this summer? This girl. - Stephanie Almazan, editor

Available at gomerch.com, $10.

Courtesy of Ciruli BrothersCourtesy of Ciruli BrothersChampagne Mangoes

With a ten spot, I'd buy five of these puppies. When they are not in season, I long for them. When they are in season, like now, I am obsessed. - Allison Hatfield, managing editor

Available at better grocery stores, $2 each. For more information, go to champagnemango.com.

17 Reasons We're Singing June's Praises

Courtesy of Pacifica PerfumeCourtesy of Pacifica PerfumeBali Lime Papaya Perfume

I never thought I'd utter the phrase, 'I want to smell like a candle.' But this Pacifica scent is too good to keep inside. - Tiffany Davis, Everywhere editor

Available at pacificaperfume.com, $9.

Courtesy of Kikkerland DesignCourtesy of Kikkerland DesignTeeth Tacks

I realize that wisdom tooth pushpins are pretty creepy (especially if you're not a dentist) - but I still dig 'em. - Lauren Berger, senior editor

Available at kikkerland.com, $5.

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