TGIF! Making the Most of Your Weekend

Written by Four Green

The weekend never seems to be long enough, probably because we are so busy during the week that when the weekend comes we want to both 1. Lie around doing nothing and 2. Fit in all the things we want to do during the week but can't. Here are some things you can do to save time during the following week and make sure you don't regret a second of your time off:

- Don't waste your weekend in bed! Designate one day you can sleep in or have a small nap, and avoid spending as much of your free time sleeping or watching reruns of Jersey Shore. If you are having sleep issues or are overtired, try to go to bed slightly earlier during the week, that way you'll have more energy and free time.

-Use Sunday to make the bulk of your meals for the following week. You'll save time, food and money! You also won't have to resort to fast food or scrambling to find something to eat after work when you are running low on time and energy. Make sure you try some of our delicious recipes!

-Instead of spending the day in a crowded mall or abusing your wallet, try to do a DIY project at home! Or hit up a secondhand store or the freebies on Craigslist or You'll end up with something more eco-friendly and unique that you will be more proud of then something you (and everyone else) got on sale at H&M.

Other things you can do:

-Start a compost

-Go applepicking

- Learn to knit or crochet