The 10 catchiest viral videos of 2009

As bloggers, we're obviously totally addicted to the hilarity on the Internet. And while we're usually posting about the ins and outs of sexy times, we here at The Frisky are giving you the only viral things you just gotta catch-this past year's top vids. They're funny. They're awesome. They're so 2009.-By Simcha Whitehill for The Frisky

10. From the Filipino prisoners who brought you the "Thriller Dance" comes a new big number set to a Queen medley.

9. The Muppets have made lots of classic flicks. This year, they took on classic rock in the coolest cover ever of Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody." You heard me, Wayne & Garth!

8. Two teen '80s flava favorites collide: Brat Pack movies and babelicious band Phoenix's song "Lisztomania." Sadly, John Hughes, the writer/director, died this year (RIP), but we hope he saw this awesome mash-up vid before he passed.

7. Lindsay Lohan rebounded from her split with SamRo by posting this faux eHarmony commercial on

6. A lot of famous peeps made this "Prop 8 Musical" video number to help get the anti-gay marriage law in California repealed. While it is fantastic, it didn't do anything but entertain.

5. How to massage your cat-and stay a virgin.

4. The Balloon Boy saga was nail-biting when the balloon was floating, than sad when the kid slipped that his parents put him up to it, than outright pathetic when their "Wife Swap" episodes surfaced. Watch this!

3. Even "The Office" spoofed this crazy wedding dance. Check it out.

YouTube sensation GlowPinkStah breaks down the must-have make up look: Chola.

The Mighty J.Lo falls at the AMAs. But to be fair, it could have landed her on two hot guys. Maybe it really was "on purpose" like she says?