The 15 Jobs with the Highest Divorce Rate

Recent research has just identified 15 occupations with an elevated risk of divorce. We were shocked to find that the list did not include professions like pro golfers, manufacturers of custom-made choppers, and North Carolina Senators turned Democratic presidential nomination candidates. We were also surprised at some of the jobs that did make the list. Plus: Find out the 6 surprising things you never knew about divorce.

Here are the guys you want to steer clear of, according to the study out of Radford University in Virginia, in order of increasing risk of divorce:

Maids and housekeeping cleaners




Baggage porters and concierges

Entertainers and performers, sports and related workers

Nursing, psychiatric, and home health aides

Telephone operators

Factory workers: food and tobacco

Gaming service worker

Extruding machine operator

Gaming cage worker

Massage therapists


Dancers and choreographers

So what you're telling us, Radford researchers, is that our dream of having a happy marriage with that guy who clocks in at a cigarette factory by day, bartends by night, and works in a gaming cage (??) on weekends will never come true?

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The study also found that some of the professions with the lowest divorce rate are: sales engineers, podiatrists, and transit police.

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Do you think there's any truth to this research? What jobs do you think carry a higher risk of divorce? And do you think it has to do with the actual profession (as in, a bartender has more chances to cheat and ultimately, end his marriage) or do you think men likely to divorce tend to choose these occupations?

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