Lula LuLula LuTen years ago, the average U.S. bra size was 36C. Today it is a 36DD. Bra makers have taken note and are expanding their ranges, and Fruit of the Loom even introduced the Perfect Pair bra that allows you to mix and match cup sizes. But as I've noticed whenever reading the feedback on stories about bigger bras, or dressing for your curves, there are many petite and small-breasted ladies out there not having their fashion needs met! So gals, this post is for you.

The petite intimates online retailer Lula Lu happily and beautifully accommodate those with a less ample bosom, and now have a new collection launching that ranges from 32AAA to 36AAA. Designer Ellen Shing says, "These women may be petite, but they do have a shape." Why should ladies in the Itty Bitty Titty Committee have to shop in the junior's department or be forced to wear a flattening bralette all the time? Lula Lu has padded, push-up, strapless, and regular bras in all sorts of materials, colors, and cuts that will fit smaller cups and look downright sexy. And for those who maybe don't need to wear a bra every day, it might be nice to wear an attractive undergarment to wear under certain tops or for special occasions.

As with most things in "non-traditional" sizes, these bras are a bit pricey (they start around $46), but perhaps price tags will eventually drop with increasing demands. [Lula Lu]