The 5 Best Sunless Tanners

Want to get that golden, sunkissed look, but afraid of turning out orange? We've got the five best sunless tanners, and tips from the experts on how to apply them!

1. Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Tanning Mist
Self-Tanning Pro Tip: Pick your potion
"Choose the formula that best suits your skin," says Anna Stankiewicz, of Suvara Airbrush Tanning at the Warren Tricomi Salon at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Creams and lotions like this work well on dry skin, while sprays and mousses have a lighter consistency-perfect for the acne prone. ($27;

2. Jergens Natural Glow Revitalizing Moisturizer

Self-Tanning Pro Tip: Reach for the right shade
"The orangey effect happens when you choose a self-tanner that's too dark for your skin tone," says Stankiewicz. "If you're fair, like Nicole Kidman, use the light-to-medium option; if your skin is closer in color to Eva Mendes' or J.Lo's, go for the medium-to-dark one." ($8;

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3. Aquasun Sunless Tanning System
Self-Tanning Pro Tip: Apply it right
"When you put on your self-tanner in circles, you end up hitting the same spots more than once," says Stankiewicz. Instead, carefully smooth it on using long, even strokes. For sprays, hold the product six inches away from your body for a consistent coat. ($50;

4. Neutrogena Microsmist Sunless Tan

Self-Tanning Pro Tip: Don't sweat it
On average, it takes six hours for your sunless tan to develop. Wear loose-fitting, dark-colored clothing during that time and try not to perspire-it can cause the product to rub off.($11;

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5. St. Tropez Bronzing Mousse
Self-Tanning Pro Tip: Make it last
"Harsh cleansers dry out your skin, which can cause your tan to flake, fade, or look patchy," says Stankiewicz. In the shower, stick with moisturizing body wash or gentle soap. ($30;

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