The 5 Sexiest Movies to Watch on Halloween

Whether you're looking for a steamy scare or a frightful flick, these picks should have you quivering in no time. Oh yeah, and they're the perfect excuse to get close with a guy! Plus, here are five ways to make your spooky holiday extra-sultry.

1. Interview with the Vampire

Dracula ain't got nothing on Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise, the provocative vampire stars of this film. These days it seems like everywhere you turn there's a dude with pointy teeth in your face. Two Cosmo editors face off on this rampant fang-banging craze.

2. The Craft

This flick sets you up with the perfect role-play scenario: uniforms, Goth attitudes, and a spell that can control the hottest boy in school.

3. Scream

Skeet Ulrich and Neve Campbell portray a sexy-turned-scary couple. With tons of suspenseful scenes, it's the perfect excuse to request your crush for protection.

4. American Psycho

Ordinarily, we'd feel guilty for being attracted to a psycho killer, but somehow Christian Bale's suave character remains sexy. Oh, and the scenes of his ripped body don't hurt, either.

5. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

What's hotter than a blond babe kicking vampire butt? Added bonus: Cutie Luke Perry is her love interest. Is there a real-life vampire in your life? We'll tell you how to spot them.

Still not sure what you'll dress up as this Halloween? Try one of these original and timely costumes. Or get inspired by Readers' Most Outrageous Halloween Costumes. Be sure to show us your Halloween pics and enter to win a makeup set from!

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