The 5 worst things Bill O'Reilly said on "The View"

(Courtesy of The View/ABC)(Courtesy of The View/ABC)

We've had a day to process what happened yesterday on "The View." It's time to tackle just why the Fox News host sent two of the five hosts flying off the couch and out of the studio. A disagreement over political views? If only it were that simple. The argument started with O' Reilly claiming a mosque at ground zero was inappropriate. He used that word a lot. Then came an indictment of an entire religion. Sure Joy and Whoopi blew their top, storming off the set. But the argument came on the heels of 10 minutes of talking to women like children at the dinner table in 1950's. If you're a woman of a certain age, you've encountered one of these blood-boiling moments where you're put down the minute you open your mouth, under the assumption that based on your chromosomal make-up you couldn't possibly understand politics. But let's start with the talking point...

5. "You're Outraged About Muslims Killing Us on 9/11?"

This was the sentiment that caused the hailstorm. Barbara, at 81, has spent a career dealing with men who call women hysterical when they counter an opinion. She handled it like a pro, after Joy and Whoopi left the set: "Let me just say to you in a calmer voice. It was extremists. You can't take a whole religion down and demean them."

4. "We are talking about an issue that's very complicated and I assume that people know that [when I say Muslim] I mean Muslim terrorists."

Wait a minute: Did Bill just blame everyone else for his omission of a word? And if 'terrorist' is implied in the word 'Muslim,' isn't that just as misinformed and bigoted? And by "complicated" is he suggesting that everything he's saying is over our heads as women? Okay, just checking.
3. "Hey Madonna, aren't you from Detroit?"

This was his attempt at humor. And it was spectacular. Nothing gets a crowd going more than a good "Why does Madonna have a British accent?" joke circa 1996. Where does he come up with this great material? I wonder what his take on K-Fed is!

2. "I'd deport you!"

That was one of his parting words to Joy. Apparently he thinks deporting is something you can do like a tyrannical king gnawing on a turkey leg: "Guards, seize her!" But wait, he explains, it was a joke! Another hilarious joke, people! I guess women just don't have a sense of humor.

1. "Hold it: listen to me because you'll learn"

You can't beat that. That's what he told Joy Behar, a 68 year-old mother and former high school teacher, with two talk shows currently on air, a masters degree and a three decade career in entertainment under her belt. For a man who's obsessed with what's "appropriate," this put a dink in his rhetoric. It's no surprise Joy was off the set the next time he opened his mouth. But hey, she's a sport. When she returned to the couch after walking off, she was ready to learn. Here is a nugget of his wisdom offered without a blink of irony: "You should have an opinion and go outside and challenge it once in a while." Wait. That's a joke too right?