The Article on" Dissident Mahatma and theNobel" in the eyes of one Foermer Minister of State for Exexternal affairsis ,Is it justified?

To write abour a person such as Mahatma Gandhi without going to study about his whole life, work and the cicumstances privalent in India (That of the environmentatt at that time as was present in India and in the most parts of the world) is simply to insult the work and life of mahatma whom perhaps the writer by that time would not have been born or major enough to personally experienced who and what the work of Mahatma was and is worth today even..
For the knowledge of the writer let me tell him that at that time the people of the world including of India were Slaves of the Tyrnical raiders such as Britishers ,, Germens and othe Europians apart of Mugals who lost to theraiders, making th e populations so meek that even the Zulmas by a child could not be diss obeyed by or resisted by any body.
Gandhi never asked the people that he will do fast for them to see that their work would be done under his fast pressure, but he asked the publiic to raise their voice and be united for that.
Per haps the ex minister does not remember that It was in the the world war first that he asked Indians to join the army to face the enemy.
Perhaps the writer doesnot know about the Great King of Bharat ASHOK who after vanquashing the enemy regreted the Vouilence and Spread The Budhasim throughout the World .and it is since then ie. thoiusaands of year the principal of non voilance still exists.
Not only this Gandhi convinced Nehru to go and challenge the raiders from Pakistan to through them out of Kashmir. And inspite of two times Pakistan attacking india Showed non vouilance in stopping war from our side.
But the ruling by the auther ex minister of state "that BUT HIS TRIUMPH DID NOT CHANGE THE WORLD
FOEVER" is simply childish which the auther thinks that it is very necessary to get the Noble.