The best Elvis video on youtube (he left the building 34 years ago today)

My name is Piper, and I'm an Elvis fan. I love everything about the original American superstar from his early Ed Sullivan Hound Dog moves to his 30 pounds of glistening rhinestones. He had it all: sex appeal, a rags to riches story and predilection for capes. In fact, it's the capes, canes and rhinestone era of Elvis that I love the most. His final years were spent playing racketball, eating early morning hoagies slathered in bacon and peanut butter, coaxing the president to let him carry drugs across state lines and employing everyone in Memphis.

On the 34th anniversary of his death in the bathroom of his Graceland mansion, I submit an offering of my favorite Elvis relic: a youtube video of one of his last concerts. By 1977 he'd grown into the first Elvis impersonator, donning a seam-bursting jumpsuit and an entourage of musicians who were hired to hold his mike and fill his fountain soda. Elvis wasn't well, but he still wanted more than anything to please his largely female audience. That's why this video (made better with subtitles) floods me with weird Elvis-fan emotions of heartbreak/adoration.

Please join me in watching the best 3 minutes of Elvis on youtube, in my opinion. What are your favorite Elvis youtube clips? Please, fellow fans, share away.

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