The Best Entries from the 2011 TOH Pumpkin-Carving Contest

Our 4th annual Pumpkin Carving Contest has brought us our best harvest of ghoulish gourds yet! Check out five of our favorites here, then see all the finalists-24 runners up and some of the best carvings we've ever seen-and the Grand Prize Winner at! Have a safe and happy Halloween.__Tabitha Sukhai

Plus, see all 200+ amazing pumpkin entries from this year's contest, or check out the crazy jack-o'-lanterns from years past.

1. Honorable Mention to start things off, courtesy of Mary H. in New York. Every year for the past three years, Mary took the time to create a TOH-themed pumpkin like the This Old Monster House one shown here. Thanks, Mary!

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2. Frankenstein Monster

"I use a number of clay and wood working tools. Anything with a sharp edge or point is also a great help. That includes X-Acto knives, razor blades, kitchen knives, chisels."

Michael W.
Edmond, OK

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3. Tintin and Snowy

"This pumpkin was carved with a paring knife. The open spaces were cut out with a larger knife."

Carol R.
Boerne, TX

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4. Will This Guy Ever Shut Up?

"I used lots of clay sculpting tools, various kitchen knives, a couple of heavy pumpkins, and about 4 hours of time each."

Curt P.
Mill Creek, WA

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5. Ghoul Bus

"So much fun for the kiddies! Gourds and pumpkins for wheels, carved with Speedball cutters and saws. Fun pattern found at!"

Liz L.
Little Rock, AR

See all the finalists and the Grand Prize Winner at!