The Best Fake Twitter Accounts

Source: The Best Fake Twitter Accounts

Yesterday's news of the confiscation of a British man's clever Twitterbot account, which updated the literal real-time status of the Tower Bridge, had us thinking about the hundreds of clearly fake Twitter accounts out there. Click through for our favorite faux users, and let us know if you have any additions!

  • @DarthVader: Snap! Guess it's safe to assume that Darth Vader is also not a fan of Jar Jar Binks? While we're loyal to the official Star Wars Twitter account, Darth Vader gives an addictive look into the Sith's modern life.
  • @Lord_Voldemort7: If we're supposed to root for the heroes, why do the villains make the best Twitter fodder?! Harry Potter's nemesis, Lord Voldemort, tweets his taunts through the Twitterverse.
  • The Dark Knight: Sure the Caped Crusader is in a constant battle against the evil of Gotham City, but that doesn't mean he relaxes and bakes cupcakes when he gets home. He takes his job very seriously. Check out Batman's intense, no-nonsense persona.
  • Their Not So Royal Highnesses: We saw many fake royal Twitter accounts spring up during the royal wedding, but the two who continue to update and amuse us long after the pageantry has worn off are Queen_UK and William_HRH. We'd also like to imagine the queen and William getting pumped for royal events by blasting Queen.
  • @falseSteveJobs: Formerly known as @ceoSteveJobs, the account had to switch names after Twitter deemed the account not fake enough. FalseSteveJobs provides satirical commentary on the latest Apple news, though we're hoping the Summer months will see the frequency of tweets increase.
  • @BronxZoosCobra: When a cobra escaped from the Bronx Zoo in March, the public was eager to hear reports of its capture, until the Bronx Zoo Cobra started tweeting. While we followed his "adventures" on the ground in New York City, now that the cobra is safe again behind glass, his futile escape plots keep us following.
  • @FakeAPStylebook: Grammar nerds, word buffs, and anyone who adhered to AP style writing in college will appreciate FakeAPStylebook's tongue-in-cheek spin on the APStylebook guide to writing.

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