The best microwave popcorn

After microwaving nearly 75 bags, Real Simple testers rated these popcorns best for taste and popability.

Best Plain Microwave Popcorn

Bearitos Organic No Oil Added Lightly Salted

These kernels had "just the right amount of salt" and an honest, natural popcorn flavor that wasn't obscured by artificial or hydrogenated ingredients. This popcorn also plumped up much larger than the other brands.

Popped corn: 10 cups per bag.

Unpopped kernels: 7. The Best Breakfast Cereals

Best Low-Fat Microwave Popcorn

Orville Redenbacher's Organic Smart Pop! Butter

Testers proclaimed this brand "way too good to be nearly fat-free." They also praised the "subtle butter flavor" and the "light, tender texture"―all without trans fats.

Popped corn: 10 1/2 cups per bag.

Unpopped kernels: 32. The Healthiest Foods

Best Butter Microwave Popcorn

Orville Redenbacher's Old-Fashioned Butter

"Truly better than all the rest," several testers said of this brand, which contains no hydrogenated oils. They also raved that each piece tasted buttery yet didn't feel greasy.

Popped corn: 9 cups per bag.

Unpopped kernels: 11. The Best Potato Chips

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