The controversy on the principles by some persons with down trend in the public relations are trying to pull the legs of persons with new force, why so?

In the public relations if some body is drawing attention of the nation apart of his giving training of Yoga for the welfare of the public, it is not understood what wrong he may be doing in the eyes of those who bye now had been keeping their eyes closed so as not to see what great loss the country has suffered by the out flow oif Indian Money by the unsocial persons- may be of any high status in the country.. It is a matter of shame if such people start to tell him abuses ,not only that but making others to also raise wrong notion about his organisation and collection of the black money from the fellows who are dealing black money. This point of their is a self defeating because why up to this time the action against him or his finances was not brought to notice of the Government. It itself shows how these people are made to lie just to save their party or those who are in league with to be criminals or anti nationals Thus it is in the interest of the country that such blame giving persons may be asked to remain silentand not show their extra loyalty for nothing.