The Do's and Don'ts to a Picture-Perfect Pose

Facebook is a beautiful thing. It reconnects you with old pals and let's you creep around in other people's lives from the comfort of your own home. But it can also be your worst enemy. If you've been guilty of wearing a dress that was just a tad too blousy, or didn't realize you just sat through with your friend's bachelorette party with lipstick on your teeth the entire night, logging on Sunday morning could result in lots of cringes and untagging.

The next time you're out and a photo op comes up, try one of these tips to get your best pose yet. No de-tagging necessary! Also, try on a new hairstyle for free before you hit the town.

If you're taking a picture with a friend...

  • DON'T get too smiley! Especially after a drink or two, your smile might reach from ear to ear. It's great you're having a good time, but to keep the cheesy factor down, stay with a sexy half-smile.
  • DO keep your hands soft. Avoid "the claw," where you grip your friend's waist so tightly you know what hook her bra is on.
  • DO help each other out! Tuck yourself into each other and lean back, so you both get your perfect pose. To open up your face, keep hair behind you and off your shoulders. Related: Is your makeup making you look fat?

If you're taking a picture solo...
  • DON'T stand fully facing the camera, head on. Angles are your friend! Practice in the mirror so you can find your best pose.
  • DON'T slouch! Your grade school teacher told you that years ago and it still holds true today.
  • DO turn your body. Shift your weight to your back foot and turn your body three quarters to make yourself look thinner with a more natural stance. To make those arms look toned, place one on your hip for definition.

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Reprinted with permission of Hearst Communications, Inc.