The Most Overrated Beauty Products Are … editors and readers have done our fair share of product bashing -- from the worst mascaras, to the skin care products and shampoos that disappointed us. Why? Because it's our duty. (And to be fair, we also shout from the rooftops about products that work miracles.)

Recently, we started a discussion about the most overrated beauty brands and products. It was hardly unanimous; in fact it practically turned into a foundation-slinging brawl. Here are the highlights (in alphabetical order):

- Avon Anti-Aging Products: "First off ... I am an Avon lady, but from my personal experience, most of the Avon anti-aging stuff I tried is greasy and does NOT flatten or fill out or in any way diminish fine lines. Avon ANEW Clinical Line and Wrinkle Corrector is overpriced crap." -- qualityyoureject, member

- Bare Escentuals: "Bare Escentuals was the one of the worst powder foundations I have ever tried. It made me greasy halfway through the day and didn't cover well." -- kgraulty, member

- Benefit: "Benefit is completely overrated. A lot of cheaper equivalents can be found elsewhere that work just as well, proving that all you pay for is the fancy packaging. The only one I haven't found an equivalent of is Lemon Aid." -- Bianca_S, member

- MAC Eye Shadow: "While the colors look great in the pan they rarely look as good when applied (at least on me) nor do they blend very well." -- ShockPlusFade

- Maybelline Great Lash Mascara: "Every Maybelline mascara I've ever tried gave me a major case of raccoon eyes. I never understood the fuss over Great Lash." -- Miss_Vicki, member

- Philosophy's Hope in a Jar: "I was really sad to discover that I HATE Philosophy's Hope in a Jar! It did nothing for my parched skin and has a stinky smell like sweaty socks! I got the 2 oz jar, which is way over priced and because I had to slap on so much it disappeared quickly! I'm glad it's done now -- I gave it a fair run, two months." -- makeupjunkie13, member

- Smashbox Lipgloss: "Their lipgloss is HORRIBLE. It's over-priced, grainy, lasts for 2 seconds, waxy and downright bad. Paying $22 for that crap! CoverGirl Wetslicks is better than that stuff." -- Lovette

What do you think? Are these all overrated? What products are on your list? Share here.