The new scheme by the Government Of UP. for primery Schools to impart better education is an experiment that requires deep prior thoughts with respects to the living conditions and standards of the children to be taught - some sugestons

It is a scheme supposed to be very good and effective for the children for primery education . But what and how it is to be done may be well thought in advance. We have to be very intimate about the environmental coindition of the children of poor and working class parents who are most of them zero as regards any education( Literary and basic education).
Thus first we have to see that what ever the children learn from the qualified teachers who may be ignorent of the condition of the children ,how they live and is there is any place with them to repeat what ever they have been teached at the school is a pont to be thought.
If this point is not clear then the whole excercise of imparting the basic education will go to waste. That is why there may be Bed Med or specialist in education be appointed will be useless for most f the children
Iwill sugest that we have to first arrange for the children the place like clubs or so where the studewnts culd do their home work as it is verty definite they are not likly to get any help from their parents or any body from their relations.
There fore the schools may be so that the students amy get learnings like for the tutorials.
But it seem that the authorities are more interested to appoint lacs ofd teachers at very high salaries but not for the education for alli ie SERVE SHIKSHA
It is requested that the GOVT. would give a favourable cosideration