The Railway budget by DIDI is encouraging and good for the country but no mention how to accomplish it fully without the finances required.

As usual in the political atmosphere it is to criticizes first then to assess any thing good out of something new.Some of the people representatives of different estate in the country looked it as nothing new for them instead they considered it asa special faver to Bengal where as it is for whole of the country and not for any f-- ver to Bengal as some people attach it as a effort for the coming elections where they indirectly suppoose that the minister has acted as now with the eye keeping on the poist of CM in this estate. Not only this some doubted that due to no mention of the sources for the money required to fullfill the excution of the project DiDi may be a failure ultimately, it itself shows how these persons instead of advising how it can be done they as per their intelligence has nothing to address to. But it is very clear that if the efforts of the Government becomes successful to get millions of the countrys ruppees areobtained from the foreign countries where it uis kept by unsocial persons illleagaly, all will be well and no further scams and bunglings and black money takes place,DiDi will be victorious.