The recent civil society movement may be under mining DEMOCRACY-which Democracy ""1940"" or the democracy"2011" of a former Union minister as told to media..

The former minister Mr Aiyar has reservations over the Anna Hazare led movement as the campaign may be dangerous to democracy and the Institution , it would have been better if he would have explained in detail What is a Democracy and its institution to the public and in general to the middle class citizen of India.. Because in 1940 in the schools and in the civics subject we were taught what a democracy meant and after our gaining Independence how it worked in the times of Gandhji ji and Nehru and like leaders in all India, where there was no different gradation of citizens as low. middle class or the elite ones was there and every body was free to move and act in the interest of the nation and there was no blocked roads for the elites to move first and there was no question of where do you reside, ie in a Capital Delhi or in an y village of India . If any development was thought it was for all and not for Cabal Towns only as now a days in the present system of. democracy of Mr Aiyar 's thought of. If Mr Hazare protested and the public by itself felt agreved and came to support the movement just to give an example iof real democracy in the real meaning'. But people who have lost contacts with the janta in general now simply have their interests first than any other matter which they try to distort as per will' We hope that the politicians now at first study the democracy of many nations and their working then only they may give their judgment as per their wiashs. . But the country is proud of that the government is with the movement