posted a picture on her Twitter account of her and her mother in Savannah, and something caught our eye. Miley got her nose pierced! It's hard to spot, but there's definitely a small, silver stud in her right nostril. It's official: facial piercing has resurfaced, piling on one more trend to the '90s fashion resurgence. (As if colored jeans, acid wash, fannypacks, scrunchies and neon everything weren't enough to confirm.)

We've noticed loads of fresh nose-piercings popping up in New York City, as well as holes through eyebrows, lips and even bellyHuffington PostHuffington Post buttons (oh yeah, cropped shirts are back too). When Drew Barrymore recently showed off her new tongue piercing, we were confused, but now it's all coming together. Piercings are back. Are we happy about it? Eh, not particularly, but we wanted to give you the heads up that it's officially OK and in fact trendy to hit up the jewelry kiosk at your local mall and give them some business if you want to. [NYDN]