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"Do not squander time for that is the stuff life is made of." Benjamin Franklin

I want to live my life moment to moment, relishing every bit of it, enjoying, savoring, and embracing time spent in solitude as much as time shared with others.

When I am not living my life in the present moment, by thinking about the past or projecting into the future, I am missing out on the only reality that exists, the present.

So many times during my day I consciously pull myself back to the moment by taking a few deep breathes. Feeling the earth beneath my feet, looking up at the passing clouds, I remind myself to be present to feel and to enjoy all of my experiences as fully as possible. Maybe that's why we call this moment the present; it's where all the gifts lie.

Let today be your wake up call to remember, there is only the present moment and the time for living your life is now.


Marlene Moore Gordon

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