The Ultimate Bridesmaid's Guide From A to Z

Get expert advice, tips, and trends to survive your bridal party duties and come out smiling.


A is for A
LTERATIONS: Pippa's bum wouldn't be worldwide news if she hadn't had her dress altered to perfectly suit her shape! Make sure you hire a top-notch alterations expert to work their magic on your dress' fit.


B is for BRUNCH:
It's the new, hot bridal shower style, with guests meeting up at 11 am for a flute of complimentary champs and a decadent brunch spread, including a fabulous dessert bar. Plus, the early start-time lets guests have most of their Sunday to themselves.


C is for CRAFTS: This DIY trend is getting even more fabulous and beginner-friendly with imported and eco-friendly papers, antique beads, embossing and easy-to-use kits.


D is for DESSERT BARS: Send guests home from the shower with their choice of candies, truffles, macarons (especially popular right now), fudge squares, flavored Rice Krispie Treats, alcohol-infused cupcakes and more sweet bites.

Photo courtesy of Bella Cupcake Couture


E is for EYEBROW SHAPING: Waxing or shaping at a pro salon is quite inexpensive and a must-do to look your bridal best. Expert-shaped brows make your eyes look wider and brighter, and give you celebrity style. But always go pro - DIY brow-work can leave you with mismatched commas and a confused expression that can take months to grow out.


F is for FABRIC TAPE: Don't let your bra straps slip out! Keep plenty of fabric tape packs in your emergency bag to put an instant hold on your straps, secure a fallen hem, or even secure your footing in a slide-y shoe.


G is for GAMES: Brief is better when it comes to games. Let guests relax, mingle, chat and table-visit instead of being booked solid. There's only so much time you can take of the clothespin game, trivia cards and "what's in your purse?"

Photo by Casey Fatchett


H is for HAND-WRITTEN: Borrow some etiquette from the bride and hand-write your shower invitation envelopes, rather than using printout labels (or dare we say, texting guests). It always gives a great impression when an invite shows up in pretty handwriting.

inspiration board

I is for INSPIRATION BOARDS: It's so easy to make them, and so smart for bridesmaids to share their ideas in blocks of color, fashion photos, details and links. Rather than sending single images to the bride or MOH, shoot an inspiration board her way so she can see your dress suggestion in a better light.

hair clip

J is for JEWELED CLIPS: The hair accessory of the moment for bridesmaids is the jeweled clip, whether it's a sparkler of a thin barrette, an ornate blingy clip securing your chignon, or a rhinestone-clipped fabric headband. You get to shine, too!

bride texting

K is for KEEPING QUIET: Don't "scoop" the bride's wedding plans on your Facebook page where friends and family will see your posts before the big day. Some brides are even asking their bridesmaids to take a "No FB" pact regarding their wedding details!

cake topper on money

L is for LIMITS: Stand up for your budget allowance. Don't just say No to a dress, say, "How about this one?" and help the bride find alternative styles at a lower price point. It's tough when the rest of the 'maids seem to have more cash, but trust me - if you stand up for yourself, they may very well breathe a sigh of relief that you spared their checkbook from bleeding, too.


M is for MAKEUP: Look into HD makeup at the salon, which is designed specifically for high-definition photos and video, so that your skin looks flawless from every angle.

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- Sharon Naylor

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