The ultimate hands-free headset

Let's face it: Your phone is your favorite accessory. You need a wireless headset so that you can chat with hands free -- especially now that more states are banning driving while talking on the phone. The challenge: finding a set that lets you be heard without shouting and doesn't make you look like a cyborg.

JoeBen Bevert Joby CEOJoeBen Bevert Joby CEOZivio Boom inventor JoeBen Bevirt (that's him on the right) gets all that. A few years ago, he was traveling for business and spending whole days on his cell phone. Every headset he tried was a disappointment. JoeBen decided to solve the problem by throwing out the idea of "noise cancellation." That's what most headsets claim to do - cancel out extraneous noise. Instead, JoeBen created a headset that uses "voice isolation" and never even picks up background sounds - like wind and traffic -- so there's no need to cancel them.

The design is very sleek and modern. Think a beautiful piece of jewelry or eyewear. And best of all, this tiny fashion-forward package allows you to talk for ten hours, or can stand by for 200 if you decide to take a break! This is one accessory no mom-on-the-go can afford to be without.

Buy Joby Zivio Boom wireless Bluetooth headset here.
Joby Zivio Boom Creative, Unique GiftJoby Zivio Boom Creative, Unique Gift

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