Things We Like: Getting Paid for Using Facebook

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Group saving sites are all the rage. Just look at the number of people using Groupon to try new restaurants and spa treatments. But now Facebook is the hottest place to score group deals. With Share It Up apps, brands are able to use social media to find reach outside its immediate audience by letting users share offers and giving better savings when more people share. Check out some of the brands giving extra savings to Facebook fans who share:

10 Apps That Will Help You Save Money

Oregon Chai Tea:
Oregon Chai's Facebook sharing and saving program allows you and your friends to receive coupons, starting at $0.75 off and increasing in value every time a new friend joins your sharing group.

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Hertz Car Rentals: Last year Hertz let Facebook fans share their savings deal to earn up to $35 off their next car rental. The deal began at $15 and when a second person joined the sharing group, it jumped to $25.

10 Apps That Will Help You Save Money

Save on Magazine Subscriptions: Right now, if you head over to the All You Facebook page you and your friends can score a great deal on a subscription to All You. If one person besides you shares the offer, you unlock $2 savings. If three people share, you'll save $6. And once five or more people share the offer, you'll unlock $10 in savings. (That's half off the regular price, so you'll be getting each issue for about 83 cents each). With this deal you'll also unlock exclusive content from All You the more your group grows.

What are you favorite ways to save with friends on Facebook?