Things I am eagerly awaiting right now: Cheap home accessories, a new hotel and custom furniture

Of course, there is apple-picking and fall fashion and reading smarter books and going to afternoon movies without feeling like you're wasting precious hours of sunlight-I am looking forward to all of these things, for sure. But fall is shaping up to be a good time for interiors, too, so I wanted to share a few things in the world of home and design that have me on the edge of my seat right now:

Photo Credit: Target ad via RemodelistaPhoto Credit: Target ad via RemodelistaJohn Derian's line of bargain-priced decoupage housewares for Target, coming in September. (Here's hoping it looks as classy as his expensive stuff, because the last time I bought something of his-as an anniversary gift for friends-it nearly bankrupted me.)

Photo Credit: selectismPhoto Credit: selectismThe NYC branch of the incredibly stylish Ace Hotel, whose Portland location we've already gushed about. Again, I hope that they manage to hold to their not-as-expensive-as-they-could-be rates, even in crazy-overpriced New York City. Coming this winter. [via Notcot]

Photo Credit: NightwoodPhoto Credit: NightwoodThe arrival of the low cabinet that I ordered from my enduring design crush Nightwood; it's going to ft right at the foot of my bed and contain (part of) my ridiculous magazine collection. Perhaps I will even have the restraint to not pack it completely full of paper and mix in a beautiful vase or something the way that non-hoarders do.

Comment Away: What are you looking forward to this fall (aside from grown-up school supplies)?