This holiday give thanks to.... the TSA!

Over the past couple weeks the media has been buzzing with stories about the TSA's new security policies regarding body scanners and pat-downs. Granted, I have yet to travel so I can't speak from experience but I say "Yes!" to body scans. It's true that terrorists efforts such as September 11th and last Christmas's Underwear Bomber really are rare and don't happen everyday, but it's also true that the threat is still there.

The scanners weren't put into place by the TSA for giggles. With all the technology and knowledge at our fingertips, this must be the most logical way to ensure safety for the most people to the best of our ability. For whatever reason we love to place blame on others and complain. "We could have prevented September 11th, we should have caught the 'Underwear Bomber' earlier." How? With scanners? With pat downs? People complain that there aren't enough preventative measures taken by airports, yet the complain when measures are taken but they're unjust and the lines or too long.

With that said, it disgusts me that people have the nerve to complain about civil liberties and constitutional rights referring to these scans. Is flying on a commercial airline a constitutional right? I must have missed that Amendment. I'm pretty sure there are alternatives to airplanes, a few actually. Does anyone ever think about the reason we're increasing security measures? I mean really think, look at the bigger picture. There are people and dangers out there that are out of our control. What about all of our troops oversees forfeiting their lives and futures and relationships in hopes to keep our country safe. Can you really complain about an image that few people will see when there are people losing their lives to defend the very same cause. Furthermore, an alternative to the scans is offered- pat downs. Pick one. Without a doubt these precautionary measures are somewhat of an invasion of personal space but it's not going to kill you. Just the opposite.

And on a sidenote, anyone who argues the 10 second scans cause cancer must not eat any of the snacks given on planes in plastic wrapping or drink from water bottles or use a cell phone or wear headphones. If a doctor ordered you to have a preventative MRI would you comply? Probably, right? Hey Kettle, you're black.

So this holiday season, I say bravo TSA. Clearly you must have anticipated the backlash these scans and pat downs would drum up, but used your heads and proceeded anyways. Any real patriot would gladly take the slight inconvenience for overall safety. You can complain about safety, constitutional rights, freedom but I ask what are you doing to help? "Opting out?" Please, you should be ashamed of yourselves. Thank you TSA.

It's situations like this I'm ashamed to be a registered Democrat.