This woman just orbited the Earth

Tracy on board the ISS (NASA/Via the Daily Mail)Tracy on board the ISS (NASA/Via the Daily Mail)Ground control to major Shine readers: Tracy Caldwell Dyson was looking at you from 217 miles above the Earth. In September, The NASA astronaut was captured wistfully looking out the window of the International Space Station, or as she called it, home.

The above image of Dyson in orbit was published this week and immediately went viral, just because it's so darn cool. A 41-year-old woman looking out over the planet like a little girl peering out her bedroom window, Dyson told press she was constantly "astonished that I was living there."

But the California native is pretty astonishing herself. Here's a numerical breakdown of some of her feats.

2: number of times she's been in space.
13: number of days in orbit for her first mission in 2007.
167: number of days in orbit for her second mission in 2010.
25: the date in September when she landed safely in Kazakhstan with her crew.
2: Times the emergency alarm went off on the ISS due to a power outage problem during her second expedition. 3: number of spacewalks Tracy took.These weren't for fun, they were for repairing and troubleshooting problems like the power outage.
8: number of hours her first spacewalk took, the longest in NASA history.
11: number of people in her all-astronaut band, Max Q. It's a rotating Houston based rag-tag company of NASA geniuses who can hold a tune. Tracy is lead vocalist.
18: number of awards she's won in her career from high school through her doctorate to her career in NASA.
2: number of languages spoken: Russian and American Sign Language.
1: husband named George. He's a Navy pilot. He's also an Astronaut's husband.