Tired of wobbly lampshades?

It's amazing how something so simple can solve such a nagging problem.

The p Jack D'Alelio, Magic Toob Jack D'Alelio, Magic Toobroblem is lampshades that won't stay put. The solution is Magic Toob, a silicone tube invented by former chemist Jack D'Alelio to wrap around existing lampshade clips. The rubberized surface of the tubing grips a light bulb, solving the problem of perpetually crooked mini shades and chandelier shades. In particular, Magic Toob works great with spiral-shaped compact fluorescent lamps (CFL). The silicone wrapper makes it possible for rigid metal lampshade clips to grip even irregularly shaped CFLs without slipping.

Why is this important? CFLs use much less power and can last 10 times longer than Magic Toob lampshade clip adapter for spiral bulbsMagic Toob lampshade clip adapter for spiral bulbsincandescent bulbs. They fit into most lighting fixtures formerly used for incandescents - but many of us have avoided making the switch because the spiral CFLs don't work with our traditional clip-on lampshades. To get around that problem, manufacturers make round CFLs that are shaped like old-school incandescents. But round CFLs cost about four times as much as spiral ones. With Jack's patented Magic Toob, you can buy energy-efficient, economical spiral CFLs without worrying about lampshade incompatibility.

The federal government is expected to mandate a phasing-out of incandescents, perhaps as soon as 2012. But there's no need to wait until then to start saving power and money.

Buy the Magic Toob lampshade clip adapter for spiral bulbs here.

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