Too Many Homeless Hidden Children in America

single motherCould you become homelessThousands of homeless American children are living in cars and trucks mostly in Florida and all over the place? This is what I watched on a television show recently. They called it a hidden problem in America since 2007. Some are living in Motels some of the time. Where is their lasting stability?
The worth of a Country can be seen by how its people treat its future which is our children. Also how does it treat its poor people? Some worse than a dog?
In many third world Countries there are miles and miles of poor people's shanty towns. There is extreme poverty and severe over population with all the diseases that come from this type of situation, One Country has their poor work in their fields. One Country is glad when its citizens leave because they know they will be sent American dollars to help their economy.

Selfishness and greed cause suffering for the people. Mostly the poor and middle classes.No wonder there are many outcries and protests.When young people are collecting social security disability that are doing meth deals on government money they collect and have not paid into the system something is wrong. I hope this example is exclusive.
Not taking care of our poor? Give me your tired your poor your huddled masses yearning to be free the Statue of Liberty says. What is wrong here? We have too many huddled masses which means homeless people Turn her around to face the land.
Yes, we are a Nation of immigrants, but many of them just come here to suck on the economy and do not care at all about America. They just send American dollars back home where ever that is. I know because I have asked many of them how their families are back home in their Country and they get this sad look and cannot say much. They have a facial expression of homesickness. I wonder if they are thinking I do not even know why I am here. Maybe America will change to be just like my home Country. Wrong again new Americans. Adjust and learn to speak English and Spanish. If we wanted your Country here which most of do not we would visit it.

Maybe if you see a homeless family you can give them a few dollars for gas of some canned goods. Why doesn't their family members at least offer them a driveway to park in? And their bathroom to bathe in?
Homelessness is stressful. It causes health problems and economic problems for all of us. They have to go into public bathrooms and this can spread many kinds of germs. Homeless people have no way to see a doctor unless it is an emergency and go to an emergency room. They get teased and taunted for being poor by other mean children at public school if they go at all.
Good leaders would care more about the people they represent and their problems. I suggest they take a pay cut or have less retirement on tax dollars. Why don't they just keep one small apartment instead of two or more homes?
If you see some homeless people in a parking lot without winter coats, would you offer to buy them one for goodness sake?Would you offer to buy them a meal at other times not just Thanksgiving and Christmas. Would you inform them where they can get free food? By the way most of these places do not give out enough for a family to make it more than a few days.
Do you think selfish greedy people and business leaders need to all experience the Newest American dream for I have described many of them. It is called extreme hopelessness and poverty. Some people are without sufficient skills to know how to survive.
Poverty levels in America have not been this high since 1962. Presidents of American companies out sourcing potential American jobs to third world Countries when we need them? What is wrong here?
Why don't some churches open up a few rooms never used to house children and their parents for a few months or years? One former President had work programs that helped.
Who are their people who speak to leaders and tell them what is really going on because somethings are very wrong in This Country.

If American cannot take care of self it cannot help all the poor Countries in the world.
What good are old laws that hurt Americans when most people cannot understand them and there are too many anyway? Many are causing more problems than they solve.
If we do not help each other then when we each stand before our Maker we will be without excuse for why we caused suffering and did not care.
Did I hear someone say they need a can opener? Or was that a candle to keep warm or a bed? Many of the shelters are full while many of our jails spend millions of tax dollars to house and feed illegal immigrants. What is wrong with this? Many illegals work for next to nothing and I thought slavery was abolished here.
Please donate to shelters your time, money or clothing and household goods and do not be to good to shop there.
Women come here just to give birth in private homes so their children can be citizens when they grow up? Sounds like wrong paperwork to me. We need the trees.
It is time for change.