The Top 10 Most Stolen Items in the Country

Bicycles are the most commonly stolen item, according to Property Room.During your holiday gift shopping this season, there may be one option you haven't thought of before: Property Room, an e-commerce auction house. On the Property Room website you can expect to see discounted prices on over 4,000 items, including jewelry, electronics and vehicles. The items are stolen goods recovered by 2,800 police departments across the country. When no one comes forward to claim them, the goods go up for auction.

Property Room's auctions have generated more than $46 million dollars in revenue sent back to local communities. Now you can turn a sad story into a nice gift for a loved one and give back in the holiday spirit.

Property Room's C.E.O. P.J. Bellomo shared with Yahoo! Shine the most stolen (or, "recovered," as they like to say) items in the nation based on a survey the company conducted this year.

1. Bicycles

2. Power Tools

3. Gold Jewelry

4. Laptops

5. Cell Phones

6. Hunting Equipment (crossbows, knives, etc.) "This particularly comes up in the South and the Midwest, obviously," Bellomo explains.

7. Small Electronics and Apple Products

8. Decorative Weapons "I've been at this 12 years and we still don't understand where these decorative weapons come from. We have no idea," says Bellomo.

9. Lawn Mowers

10. Small Boats

Decorative weapons.

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In addition to the most commonly stolen items, Property Room also shared with Yahoo! Shine the weirdest items they've ever recovered:

• Prosthetic Leg

• Patek Philppe watch "This particular watch was brand new, discontinued, worth $125,000. We assumed it was a replica, but we sent it to our jeweler and he couldn't believe it," Bellomo remembers. "All of our jewelry gets authenticated and our watches go out to a third-party watchmaker to be verified. Our jeweler said, this is the real deal. It sold for $77,000. "

• Waterslide

• Fender guitar

• Coffin. "The funny thing about the coffin is, I've worked here for twelve years. I had been with the company six months and I walk into a warehouse in L.A. and there's a coffin. Who steals a coffin?," said Bellomo. "By the way, it was a brand new, not used. We were thinking these people coming to get it are going to be creepy. But they were just a local theater group looking for a great prop."

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