Top 5: Craft Books To Keep Busy Over Spring Break

I glanced at my calendar this week and realized it's dangerously close to spring break, which means I have to find some fun activities for my preschooler to do while she's off. So I did what any mom without the Martha gene would do: I cracked open the Klutz book catalog for some craft books that will keep her busy.

My 5 spring must-haves (I'd get a book for every few days your little boy or girl won't be at school):

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1. Good Growing: A Kid's Guide to Green Gardening. New this spring, interactive book helps you teach your kids where their food comes from. Plan to be eating fresh green beans and some point.

2. Fashion Origami. The paper doll goes 3-D (and a little bit zen) this book on foldable fashion. Your budding designer daughter can create her own styles.

3. Fingerprint Fabulous. There's nothing like the story of the fingerprint to remind your child that she's special and one-of-a-kind.

4. The Solar Car Book. Get your son thinking about energy preservation in a fun way with this kit that lets him create his own (green) racing machine.

5. Glossy Bands. They look like tubes of cake frosting, but these four colored gels actually squeeze out to create candy-colored bracelets and a fun science project.