Top 5 Kooky Christmas Trees

If you're sick of the same tired topiary each year, take inspiration from some of these over-the-top trees. From a Pac-Man tree to a bicycle tree, and a soda can tree to a chocolate tree, here are the top 5 kooky Christmas trees from our World's Wildest Christmas Trees round-up.

Keep reading for a look at some Yuletide craziness. Pac-Man and all his friends are rendered in LED lights across this giant static light display in Madrid.

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One hundred neon-lit bicycles make up this tree in Sydney. Located in a popular tourist district called The Rocks, the bicycles were painted green with red or gold tires and strategically piled to create this eco-friendly decoration.

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This recycled tree of shiny plastic water bottles was created in China to draw awareness to environmentally friendly causes.

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A really green way to "do the Dew," this tree is made up of 400 Mountain Dew soda cans. A PVC-pipe trunk holds up the aluminum tower while a two-liter bottle-light adorns the top.

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What's 10-meters tall, weighs four ton, and has 20 million calories? This enormous chocolate Christmas tree made by French chocolatier Patrick Roger, created to be displayed at a charity telethon.