Top Apps for Busy Women

From finding new dining options to sorting through a pile of business cards, these downloads will make your life far easier.

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This business traveler's lifesaver finds the nearest café, pharmacy, gas station, dry cleaner, or bar anywhere in the world, then maps a route for you. (Free)

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Dragon Dictation

Convert your spoken words into notes, texts, e-mails, even Facebook status updates and tweets. Up to five times faster than typing, and surprisingly accurate. (Free)

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Business Card Reader

Got a stack of business cards in your purse? This genius app scans and uploads the details into your address book. It's also multilingual. ($4.99)
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Battery Sense by Philips

You're on the road and down to one bar with no charger in sight. This ultra-useful app tells you how much juice is left and how to make it last. (Free)

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Eat Street App

Break out of your Quiznos rut by hitting the sidewalk this spring. Find nearby food trucks - the tastiest fare around these days - using your phone's GPS. (Free)

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