Total Makeover Tips: The Best Ways to Work Out

In Allure's June issue (on newsstands today), our Total Makeover participants finish up their program-with impressive results. During the six-month complete body makeover, Eliza Babcock and Joi Garner lost a combined 62 pounds! While they overhauled their diets and relationships with food with the help of weight-loss expert Stephen Gullo, both women did some major revamping to their workout habits as well.

We asked their trainers, Juan Pellot and Tehera Nesfield, both of Equinox Fitness Clubs, the secrets to weight-loss success:

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Vary the workout.

Pellot alternated Babcock's schedule from week to week: they'd do two days of circuit training with one day of strength training, and then flip it the next week. "I chose this approach so that she wouldn't feel the workouts were repetitive but still gave her the base to progress from," Pellot says.

Keep it intense.

Instead of long, steady runs, Nesfield had Garner vary her pace during shorter runs. "These interval runs made sure she always pushed her body, and she'd get similar results to longer runs in a shorter amount of time," Nesfield says.

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Try new things.

In addition to the regular sessions on a treadmill or elliptical, Pellot integrated some other forms of exercise into Babcock's routine to keep her engaged. "The use of boxing, kickboxing, and conditioning drills not only gave her the fat burn that she needed, but it also instilled a new sense of confidence in her," Pellot says.

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