Turn Your Opinions into Change

by Brandi Savitt - February 16, 2012


Dear Mr. President…

It doesn't really matter if you like to talk politics, or you tend to keep your opinions to yourself. Soft spoken or not, we don't know a woman alive that doesn't have a strong opinion about something - and we want to hear yours. Not only is this an election year, the future of the world as we know it is at pivotal point. Action speaks louder than words, and we at Fab & Fru think that NOW is the time to stop waiting for others to come up with solutions and start voicing our own!

No matter which political party you identify with, we want to create a safe and neutral place for women to share their ideas, not to argue, but to inspire change. Please take the time to comment on the issues that matter to you most. Think of this ongoing forum as our own Fab & Fru think tank. Forget the politics and focus on solutions. If you could stand in front of Congress, in front of the President - what would you say? This forum may start with what may seem are just a bunch of comments, but TOGETHER our collective voice can become more than talk. Together, we can BE the change…

The State of the Government

From the economy to education, if you were President, what would you fight to change? Is our current political system in need of some adjustment? What about Congress? If you could change anything about the system, what would it be?

african-american-woman-talking-with-doctor-300x425Healthcare & Women's Health

As a woman, what is the most important thing to you when it comes to healthcare for you and your family? Are you up to speed about what's going on with The Affordable Healthcare Act passed in 2010? Do you feel women's specific healthcare needs are overshadowed by the politics of abortion? Do you think politics has a place in healthcare? What would you change?

Jobs, Jobs, & More Jobs?

Do I need to say more? Is the land of opportunity a thing of the past? While millions of people of all generations and education levels are out of work and in desperate need of a job, the kids coming out of school today are even at a greater disadvantage. Are the days of each generation doing better than their parents over? Can the government turn it around? Can they actually create enough jobs for all those in need? How do we turn it around? How do we bring the American dream back?

The Value of Education

From tenure to test scores to the right to a college education, how do we challenge the system to make education stronger? If being a teacher is one of the most important jobs, how can poorer areas entice better educators? If the government put more money into education, how can we ensure it ends up bettering the students directly?

To Drill or Not to DrillWall Street

How do we lessen our dependency on foreign oil? Should we be tapping more of our resources at home? Would it help our economy to drill more? There is no question that the world needs to find efficient alternate energy sources to subsidize our global dependency on oil, but what is the best approach to address our needs today as well as tomorrow?

A Global World

It goes without saying that in general women have always viewed war and peace differently than men. In this global economy, the world has never been smaller and more intertwined. From the threats in the Middle East to our economic co-dependency with China, how can we continue to grow the global economy while doing our part to help keep the peace?

Get involved in the discussion, and tell us what you think!

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