Did this TV Reporter just slut-shame a random woman? Not cool.

Ah, the video bomb, a classic rite of passage for live television reporters. Most anchors regard it as a pesky occupational hazard of working in unedited television but on Wednesday one reporter took it very seriously when a video bomber interrupted her Superbowl segment.

Traffic anchor Jessica Sanchez of WKMG in Orlando unleashed her inner mean girl while reporting live from New Orleans on Sunday's game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Baltimore Ravens.

When a tipsy woman stumbled into the camera frame and began cheering for the 49-ers, instead of ignoring her or laughing along like a seasoned reporter might do, Sanchez seized  the opportunity to insult and humiliate the woman saying, "We were just talking about the STD rate that's going on here. So how long have you had an STD?"

The woman quickly reacts answering, "I don't have an STD."

"Oooh, then why did you want to talk?" asked Jessica in a mock surprised tone.

"I don't have an STD; that is so disrespectful," said the woman before fading off into the background.

YouTube comments on Sanchez's behavior range from supportive ("Give her a promotion!") to horrified ("She should be fired!). For her part, Sanchez seemed proud, posting this teaser to her Facebook page: "If you weren't watching Local6 you missed all the sordid details about how I got these beads."

On the one hand, it must be annoying to deal with drunkards interrupting you during your work day. But a reporter being sent to the French Quarter at night, in the days leading up to the Superbowl should probably have anticipated such a moment. The streets were empty, Sanchez wasn't reporting on the Israeli airstrike or gun control, so really, she should have given this woman a break. Hopefully the network learned a lesson about which reporters they can trust on live television.

While calls to Sanchez weren't returned, Skip Valet the Vice President and General Manager at WKMG-Ch. 6 told SHINE: "One of the challenges of live TV is that the unexpected can and does happen. We are continually assessing how to best balance our reporting when confronted with these types of interruptions."

Well, we have a few suggestions! Sanchez could have:

Rolled with it like this reporter. Had a sense of humor like this reporter. Kept it professional like this reporter. Remained utterly oblivious like this reporter.

Here's hoping Sanchez is just as quick-witted if the tables are turned.