User post: 10 Signs That You Are A Helicopter Parent To Your Teens

Are you a helicopter parent to your teens or young adults? Some parents readily admit to it. However, with all the heat on helicopter parents lately, many are reluctant to see themselves that way. If you find yourself answering yes to at least half of these questions, you are a helicopter parent whether you want to admit it or not.

1. Under no circumstances will you ever turn off your cell phone, unless all your kids are with you. It doesn't matter how old they are or where you are.

2. Your teens are away in college yet you still speak to them every day, often multiple times.

3. You have many of your teen's teachers or professor's on speed dial.

4. If you are out and realize you left your cell phone behind, you panic and hyperventilate and run home immediately before, heaven forbid, you miss a call from your teens.

5. When you are out with friends on a Saturday night, you will inevitably get at least one call from each of your teens.

6. You know your teen's school schedule and when every test and paper are due better than they do.

7. You filled out your teen's college application and essay and had the most say in which college they chose to attend.

8. You have more contact with your teen's guidance counselor than they do.

9. You are a loving, caring parent trying to help your child.

10. You are helping your teen so much that they aren't learning how to make decisions, remember due dates, fend for themselves or do anything on their on.

The sad thing about helicopter parents is, they love their kids so much that they are overprotecting them and in the process are hindering them from becoming adults. We learn through our mistakes, so how will our kids learn if they aren't allowed to make them or if we fix them all?

This post originally ran on Jennifer Wagner's blog Connect with your Teens through Pop Culture and Technology as 10 signs You Are a Helicopter Parent.

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