User Post: 10 Things Your Cashier at the Grocery Store Wants You To Know

1. Please Take items out of the carrying baskets. The next time you grab a basket to carry please
remember to unload it before putting it on the belt. It is very time consuming for the cashier to have to empty the basket of items, which are normally stuffed so full that you should have gotten a buggy anyway. Not only does it prolong the check-out procedure, it holds up the rest of the customers behind you.

Since we are on the topic of baskets...

2. Put your carrying basket back where you got it. You grabbed the basket from the front door when you walked in, why not put it back when you walk past the rack on your way out of the door?

3. If you do not want the item, please do not put it in the candy racks. Yes it is understandable that you may not have enough money or simply do not want a certain item once you get to the check-out, but please do not put it in the candy racks and then act like it wasn't yours from the start. It does not make for happy cashiers when they must go to put items back at the end of the night and find a package of ground meat laying on top of the candy bars.

4. If you are not loading you items on the belt, bag your groceries. This is probably one of the number one complaints from your cashier. If you are not loading the items from your cart onto the belt, please help bag. Do not just stand there and stare at the cashier ring. It makes for a more simple check-out process and makes things go quickly. Also, it allows you to put the items you want together in the same bag and not have to blame your cashier for mis-bagging items.

5. Please do not give me your debit card or check or any other item that has been in your mouth or come from your bra. This is pretty self explanatory. Not only is it disturbing, it is very unsanitary.

6. Do not come to the express lane with a $200 grocery order. The signs are clearly marked for normally a 10 or 20 item limit. That lane is meant to be a express lane for customers with a couple of items. It slows up the entire line when you take 50 items through that line.

7. When you look like you are 10, please do not get mad when asked for ID. The cashier is only doing his/her job by asking you for your ID. The same goes for being carded for using a credit card. It is only protecting you by asking to see ID.

8. When something does not ring the correct price, do not get mad at your cashier. It is not the the cashiers fault for your potatoes being the wrong price. He/she is only doing their job. If you have a problem with a price. Point it out nicely instead of yelling and screaming about it. The cashier will be more than happy to fix the problem when asked respectfully.
9. Please finish your phone call after you have checked out. Yes, everybody is very busy now a days. We get it. But please do not continue to talk on your cell phone while in the check-out line. It is very rude. Not only are you ignoring the cashier when he/she asks you a question or speaks to you, but nobody wants to hear what you did at work or plan on doing when you get home. Save it for when you get out of line.

10. Don't tell the cashier after he/she is halfway done bagging your order that your wanted paper. Not only does it hold up the customers behind you, it doesn't make the cashier to happy. What were you doing while you watched them bag it in plastic that you couldn't stop them and ask for paper?