User Post: A Countertop Composter Makes this Composting Newbie's Earth Day Resolution Easy to Keep

Renewable bamboo countertop composterRenewable bamboo countertop composterI admit I'm not likely to be the greenest gal in the crowd, but when Earth Day rolls around I try to find a few areas for improvement. This year composting is my greener-living Earth Day resolution, and I find it's actually not too demanding if you have the right tools. These are an outdoor composting bin, preferably in a far corner of the yard, and a countertop composter.

Now don't be fooled by the name "countertop composter," I'm not actually composting on my kitchen counter. These compact, trashcan-style containers are sized to sit on the countertop so you can easily collect food scraps while you cook. But what really makes them special is the odor-absorbing charcoal filter in the lid. This keeps odors at bay if you forget to tote scraps to the compost bin for a day or two -- a big plus for anyone looking for a little "greenvenience" in their eco-minded efforts.

Another great reason to consider using a countertop composter -- they're kid-sized. Collecting scraps in a cute mini-trashcan instead of a plain bowl can tempt kids into toting scraps to the compost heap which may ultimately interest them in greener thinking - and maybe even cooking if you're lucky.

You can find countertop composters made from stainless steel, ceramic and even renewable bamboo. My personal favorite is the stainless steel; it's lightweight, dishwasher-safe and won't break - perfect for our busy household. And if you're not too hot on the idea of cleaning your countertop composter each time you dump it, you can also find biodegradable composter liner bags to keep it squeaky clean.Biodegradable liner bags are compost-bin friendlyBiodegradable liner bags are compost-bin friendly

If you're already composting - or considering giving it a try as your own Earth Day resolution - a countertop composter can certainly make it easier to put your family's food scraps to work in the garden… instead of the landfill.