User Post: Do These Help-Wanted Ads Exclude the Unemployed?

Most of you know me as the "" writer, but recently I became more involved in advocating for the Unemployed. As a freelance writer, I spend countless hours looking through want-ads to find gigs for myself, and more than a few times I have come across language like, "Currently Employed Only, regardless for reason of Unemployment." And frankly, ads like this - even though they don't even apply to me - have incensed me. I think it's unfair that, say, if you've been laid off for 2 weeks and you want to apply for a position within a company that would be perfect for you, you're automatically excluded.

So, I started with the hopes that I could run a job-search website where the Unemployed could job-search without boundaries. I set up all kinds of filters, but yesterday, one Twitter-er who follows @ReEmployAmerica called me out for an ad from Iron Mountain. Here's the language he was upset about:

"The ideal applicant will have current exp. in transportation/fleet service and DOT requirements."

And it wasn't until I did even more searching that I found that Iron Mountain uses that language in a lot of their ads:

"The ideal applicant will have current exp. in route transportation." "The ideal applicant will have current exp. in Human Resources." "The idea application will have current exp. in Customer Service."

Here's a snapshot of one of the ads. For a better view, click here.


But I'm wondering - they aren't outright saying that they exclude the unemployed. But do you think that even this kind of language is appropriate? I, for one, believe that everyone should be able to apply for any job for which they are qualified - or even OVERQUALIFIED - yes, that's another hangup, America: "overqualified applicants will not be considered."

So how are you supposed to even get a job if you can't apply for any of them?

To read the original blog entry & to see more snapshots, click here.

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