User post: Please Don't Hate Me - I'm A Census Enumerator

Please don't hate me - I'm a Census Enummerator! Just like you, I need a job , and this is a short term job , until I can find permanent work. The pay is decent, the hours are flexible and until I can find a job that meets my needs, this one keeps me off the welfare rolls.

I agree with some of the comments made by some of the people I have delivered Census forms to and tried to verify their addresses, some of the questions are irritating. As a matter of fact, I not only filled out a form to be mailed in, I was questioned by a Census worker with a computer ( she really annoyed me ).

There have been threats made against Census workers in some places, please understand, we're just schmucks, like you, trying to make ends meet!

In the group I was in, there were a lot of Moms trying to make a little extra for their college kids, there were college kids trying to make extra to buy books, and save for tuition for next semester( Dad had lost his job and it was either figure out how to pay for the next semester , or quit school, for this kid), there was a couple of disabled people, and ones like me who had been replaced by some one who spoke another language. No one in my group was any kind of radical, or had some evil agenda, we have the same complaints about the present state of the union as everyone else, but we need a job too.

The Census is a Constitutional mandate, it is not the present administrations brain child. If used properly, it could even out the money distribution from the federal government. This is how the number of Representatives to the House of Representatives is determined. This is effects government grant to schools, and parks, and hospitals, it is not just Big Brother watching you!

Do Not confuse this with the REDISTRIBUTION plans.

The Census comes around once every ten years, just think , if you answer the form now , they will go away and leave you alone!