User Post: Recession's depression

I'm used to being the provider, the rock of my family regardless if it was my only income coming into my home, it felt great to buy things that my kids need and most of all being productive. Budgets i have always known how to deal with, and searching through clearance racks to find great deals.

However when i was laid off from my last Temp position I didn't know what hit me. I lost who i was and found myself in a deep depression, feeling insecure about the future. Even though let's be real I'm the single provider for my home that didn't give me a break from being hard on myself that i had been doing a 2 person responsibility. I was raised to always do what you can for your kids. And what i found amazing is the lack of support and understanding from some of my acquaintances. It's hard enough to hear crickets when applying for over 30 jobs in a day yet alone even turning to Temp agencies and agreeing to a pay cut.

I finally woke up from this insecurity, self doubt, recession depression and told myself to just keep
trying. And as far as those no good negative individuals well we have a choice, to surround ourselves by
positivity. We are hard on ourselves as it is.

I will get hired eventually, and within the healthcare industry because that is the field that i have
been in for the past 6 years and paying a student loan back for.

Keep moving forward and know that the light at the end of the tunnel is YOU!