User post: The "unofficial" Shine Book Club/Review

Since I am in the process of tying up loose ends and 'setting sail' for a 'new frontier' in my life I won't have time to do my own reviews just yet. But, this is NOT just about my reading list but also about yours.

Please participate with your own review. List the title of course, the writers name, publisher, was it in hardcover, softcover, paperback, cost, library find, etc. Tell us about your latest literary 'find' but don't share too much of the content so we will be forced to go read it for ourselves. LOL!.

Come expecting that all of us do not have the same taste, but variety is what makes things interesting, and in the process of introducing all of us to each others reading material, we may find our horizons and knowlege expanding.

I may not agree with your choices but in that, I and others may come to see you in a clearer light and have gained understanding.
I do however ask that we all treat everyone here with respect.
Like my grandma always used to say, "If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all."

Fiction-non fiction-historical-romance-cookbooks-arts and crafts-whatever! If you can't afford to purchase books by all means go
to your public library, I sure do and I love it there!

So looking forward to hearing and learning from all of you. Please help to get the word out and invite others to join us since for right now, we don't have Chatter. This could turn out to be lots of fun Shine Family so get to reading cause "reading can be fun!" Okay, THAT was corny but I just couldn't help myself!