User post: Who's to blame? Montana Fishburne, Kim Kardashian, and you

So many people have negative things to say about Montana Fishburne, actor Laurence Fishburne's daughter who recently moved out of her father's home to pursue a porn star career. She stunned the world by saying that she is following in the steps of Kim Kardashian, and using a sex tape to become a celebrity.

Many automatically lashed out at actor Fishburne, stating that her parents should be more involved in her life, and help her to get back on the right path. Many others jumped to criticize the likes of Kim Kardashian, as well as Paris Hilton for officially making "sleeping your way to the top" a believable dream. The last few days I have thought about this whole ridiculous ideal, and the question that burned up my mind was who is really to blame?

It's obvious Montana is old enough to make her own decisions about her life, and just chose to make some that aren't that smart, but I've come to the conclusion that not only is Kim Kardashian responsible for this mess, but us as a society as well.

When Kim Kardashian came out with a sex tape, think about how many people made it a point to watch it. The same applies for Paris Hilton. Instead of the world standing up and saying this is trashy and gives women a bad look, the world gave them both reality tv shows. What a slap on the hand! What's even worse is that not only did these girls that slept around for fame get tv shows, the world actually tuned in to watch and support them, giving them the fame they have today.We continue to tune into these tv shows, proving to our young sisters, daughters, and nieces that people that exploit themselves end up rich, famous, and adored by all. We put them all over magazine covers, and give them wax figures, then we wonder why our young ladies are starting to sleep around at earlier ages, and why there are so many unwanted teenage pregnancies.

The bottom line is this: We have noone to blame but ourselves for the misguided such as Montana Fishburne. Until we stop glorifying trashy women, our young ladies will continue to follow in their footsteps. Think about that the next time you tune in to "keep up" with the Kardashians.