Vintage ad of the day: Volkswagen tackles problem of 'women drivers'

Volkswagen has long held the reputation for innovative advertising. I know this because of Mad Men, and also the Pink Moon commercial. But one forgotten vintage ad brings new meaning to their "think small" tagline. Pointing out the various ways it's appallingly sexist would ruin the fun. So you can just read the text transcribed below and draw your own outrage.

"Women are soft and gentle, but they hit things. If your wife hits something in a Volkswagen, it doesn't hurt you very much. VW parts are easy to replace. And cheap. A fender comes off without dismantling half the car. A new one goes on with just ten bolds. For $24.95, plus labor. And a VW dealer always had the kind of fender you need. Because that's the one kind her has. Most other VW parts are interchangeable, too. Inside and out. Which means your wife isn't limited to fender smashing. She can jab the hood. Graze the door. Or bump off the bumper. It may make you furious, but it won't make you poor. So when your wife goes window-shopping in a Volkswagen, don't worry. You can conveniently replace anything she uses to stop the car. Even the brakes."

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