Virus of corruption spreading and galloping from contact to contact from it's root propping up from the elections for vital seats of any organisation,How?,

The first process of activity for entering in the fro to get nomination for specific posts Like Mayor,"Mahapoor" and members of any the municipality or municipal corporation, is if not but may be a cause to start corruption on,why as follows If any person for the top post fights the election and officially is allowed to spend rupees fifteen lacs or for simply a member to become is allowed some lacs to spend, when we know what is the fun for it as for an Indian whose monthly income is not so that he can ever think to become the member what to say of become a Mayor.Thus the social workers with no extra money are systematically avoided. Then on the other side one who can spend Lacs of rupees but may have never donated so much money for the cities development, how could one imagine that the person may not be tempted to first to recover what ever he has spend to reach the post Thus this is one of the symptom of the virus of corruption to spread and [lay havoc The remedy to kill it and to control it by being strict for stopping this practice for show os money