waking from an unemployment coma

I have officially been unemployed for almost 2 years!
at first I thought that it was me, however speaking to other individuals I found
that I'm not alone.

I have been pushing myself to find some balance not only in my finances but also in
my moods, outlook, thoughts, and most of all focus at all my options without giving up
I focus on all that is within my control and remember that I'm not alone
to make things a bit frustrating I am raising 4 children on my own
without any support from their father.

I submit my Resume to as many positions and employers on a daily basis
I feel like a hamster in a ball going in circles and getting no where
I'm not sure what else to do?
I'm Bilingual, have 7 yrs plus in the medical field and it's hard to believe that I'm not employed

any suggestions?