Want a happy pooch? Himalayan dog chews are a (healthy) recipe for canine contentment

Himalayan Dog chew sticksHimalayan Dog chew sticks This dog chew gets rave reviews-not just from hounds, but from their owners, too. It's an ancient Mongolian recipe that contains only four ingredients: yak milk, cow milk, salt and lime juice. Yak milk isn't something you come across every day, and neither is this unique chew. It's dense, so it takes a long time to finish one. And it packs a nutritional punch. These all-natural Himalayan Dog Chews contain more than 50% protein, almost no fat, and are completely digestible.

Daily Grommet TeamDaily Grommet Team We heard about the chews from Julia Elmer, an animal lover and activist who makes her own dog food. Julia has suggested several Grommets to us, and her endorsement was enough to get us interested. When we dug deeper, we found a great story. The recipe for these chews comes from a dried cheese -- known as chhurpi and other names - that nomadic Mongolian, Tibetan and Nepalese people have eaten as a high protein snack for centuries.

Sujan Shrestha, a Nepalese entrepreneur, along with his brothers and some friends, modified the recipe with dogs in mind. Sujan Shrestha, Himalayan Dog ChewsSujan Shrestha, Himalayan Dog ChewsAfter gaining USDA approval in 2007, Himalayan Dog Chews were introduced to the U.S., so now our hounds can enjoy them too. The Daily Grommet offices are full of dog lovers, and our furry friends come in all shapes and sizes (as do the treats). When we tested the chews on our dogs, each of them went crazy for them. As for their human companions, what could be better than a happy dog working on a chew that doesn't smell funny or stain the furniture?

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